· Slim Attractive Aluminum Attaché Case

· Customized inserts for iPad, iPhone, iPod

· Includes an integrated Hi-Fi Headphone Amplifier, Headphones, and Backup Battery

· Compartments for Ear buds or full-size headphones, wall charger, and accessory case

· Featuring a built-in Lid Mount for iPad or other tablet

· 2 external USB charging ports- (for charging 3 devices)

· External 3.5mm headphone jack for enjoying audio on the move

· Bluetooth receiver for wireless audio





Ettache Cases Electronic Attaches

Ettache Cases

Ettache Cases

Custom Attaches for your electronics

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 Patent Pending @2015


· The Ettache Case provides total entertainment portability, movies, data, music integrated into one slim attractive protective case with complete device functionality.

· Great Sound!

· Everything needed for your portable devices stored in one location.

· The ability to enjoy hi-fidelity audio and video while traveling or in remote locations.

· The ability to charge and data sync 3 devices from 2 external USB ports.


Everything you need, anywhere you go.